This site contains announces intended to be viewed by a major audience.

The principle?

Women can create an announce with the desired meeting type and only photos of their feet.

Men are free to create or not a profile to expose their preferences. They can add photos of their hands (which are something women use to give particular importance) or their lips. They'll have to make the first step because women could only see their profile after they start a conversation.

I'm a woman, why should I register?

  • to have foot massages and be spoiled for it!
  • to boost your feminity, be aware of the high seduction potential of this body part, often depreciated
  • to reverse the roles... You've never been the most popular but you have gorgeous feet. Be in the shoes of the most desired woman
  • to help change mentalities about feet

About my safety?

The first image that we have about men with a foot fetish is often negative. Yet, you'll realize pretty soon when you meet them that they are actually mostly kind, sensitive and with a true love for women, that they wish to worship from head to toe.

A blue badge is given to members who have their identity verified. In addition, a trust indicator can be assigned to some members to help you judging their reliability.

If your goal is to make real meetings, you may try to be accompanied by a friend or your husband. You can even choose to partner with another feetgirl to feel more safe and at ease.

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